Violet Flame Series 08

Violet Flame
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5.5 x 7.75 inch
64 pages
by Godfré

This Booklet of 64 pages, magazine size, contains Excerpts on the Violet Consuming Flame from Dictations by Beloved Godfré. He tells us: “In the midst of anything you do during the day—it doesn’t take but a second—in the midst of everything, just send your Love and
Gratitude to the ‘Presence’ for the Light you have, for this Knowledge of the ‘I AM,’ for your use of the Violet Consuming Flame, and for the Illumination that has come to you thus far. Just a recognition of your Blessings, many times a day, with a flash of Love to your ‘Presence,’ you will find is clearing the way, so the Powers of Freedom that are in your Causal Body and in the Higher Mental Body can flow into you first—then through you, by use, into the world around you. Now I want you to do this, because I want each of you to become such an example to the outer world of the Truth of this Law that you bear witness to the Powers of Freedom by the Perfection you manifest in yourselves and your world.”

The Voice of the “I AM,” 05.12:29