Complimentary Information Package

Complimentary Information Package



• Explanation of the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence"

• Purpose of the "I AM" Activity

• The Violet Consuming Flame 

• "I AM" COME! Pageant

• Saint Germain Series

    • Dear Friend of the Light,

      We are happy to learn of your interest in the original Teachings of Beloved Saint Germain and the Great Ascended Masters through this “I AM” Activity of the Saint Germain Foundation. Our Original Material not only carries the Ascended Masters' Understanding of the “I AM” but is charged with Saint Germain's and Others of the Ascended Hosts’ Ascended Master Consciousness, and the Ray of Light and Love from Their Hearts which is the Ascended Masters' Feeling and Comprehension of Its Full Power, forever Self-sustained.

      The Light is expanding everywhere throughout the Earth and in the Hearts of all mankind. God bless you for Eternity for your search for the Truth. May the Love and Illumination of the Cosmic Christ enfold you and bless you forever!

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