The Violet Consuming Flame

The Violet Consuming Flame is God's Flame of Divine Love. By Its use, any human being can Free Himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present.

The Violet Flame is the Activity of the Sacred Fire that is the Cleansing, Harmonizing, Uplifting, and Illumining Activity--the Divine Love of the "Mighty I AM Presence." The action that really takes place when the Violet Flame is called into action is that It increases the vibratory action of the substance to a rate that no discord nor imperfection can exist.

The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only means by which any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection. Through Its use the Ascended Masters have dissolved all discordant creation of Their past lives and become the Ascended Beings of Perfection, which They are today. Every human being must do the same thing, sometime, somewhere, before he is Free from his human creation--past and present. Feel yourselves always surrounded by a Great Pillar of Violet Consuming Flame, with the Flame flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head and up into your own "Mighty I AM Presence."