Violet Flame Series 13

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5.5 x 7.75 inch
60 pages
Ascended Masters L

This Booklet contains Excerpts on the Violet Consuming Flame from Dictations by the Ascended Masters whose Names begin with L, continuing the alphabetical series begun with Violet Flame Series Nine (A-C), Ten (C-E), Eleven (F-G), and Twelve (H–K). This will assist those who have requested Readings on the Violet Flame by a particular Ascended Master. 

Violet Flame Series Thirteen includes excerpts from Dictations by Beloved Lanto, Leonora, Leto, the Listening Angel, Lord Maha Chohan, and Lord Maitreya. The Series will continue until excerpts have been included from all the Ascended Masters who have given information on the Violet Consuming Flame.

“If you will feel that the greatest and most Important Activity of each day is your Call for this Fiery Love of the Violet Consuming Flame from the Great Central Sun and from the Planet Venus into everything in your Nation, that allows the defense to be built which protects all that is constructive within your borders.”

Beloved Sanat Kumara, Cassette 6 0434