Introductory Class 1983 - Saturday

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110 min
1983 - Oct.8 - Saturday
Anne & Gerald Craig

The Ascended Masters’ Instruction on the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Law of Life

 Each DVD is a complete Class by the Appointed Messengers Anne and Gerald Craig, with an Opening Blessing, the Call for the “Crystal Cup,” the Blessing of the Sacred Fire (Candle Service), Beloved Godfré’s Invocation and Benediction, several Talks by Anne and Gerald Craig, Decrees, Songs, and Contemplation Music by Frederick Landwehr.

Talk 1 — Gerald Craig

Call the Light Rays from the “Presence.” The highest form of healing does not require the laying-on of hands.

Songs:  “ ‘I AM’ Here”; “Rainbow Rays”; “Song of the Violet Flame”

Talk 2 — Anne Craig

“A smile is a curve that straightens everything out,” for on that curve flows the Flame of Love from your Heart to the one to whom you send it. That which we do to life we do to life within us first.   

Decrees:  Violet Flame

Song:  “America! Our Own Beloved Land”

Talk 3 — Gerald Craig

There is one God, “I AM.” God is Divine Love, and Divine Love is a Principle, a Flame, a Presence, a Light, a Substance, and an Activity that can be used by the individual who bears the Flame of God within the Heart.