Explanation of the Chart 4

Mighty I AM Presence
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5.5 x 7.75 inch
55 pages
By various Ascended Masters

This Booklet contains unpublished excerpts regarding The Chart of the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” by the Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, Mighty Arcturus, Mighty Astrea, the Elohim of Purity, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Light, the Beloved Godfré, Beloved Hercules, Beloved Jesus, Mighty K-17, Beloved Lanto, Lord Maitreya, the Beloved Rose of Light, Beloved Sanat Kumara, Beloved Saint Germain, and Mighty Victory.

Beloved Astrea tells us: “Oh, Precious Ones, please remember the importance of that Chart and your ‘Beloved Presence!’ What would you do, what kind of a being would you be, what kind of a manifestation and experience would you have, if you could not say ‘my’ or ‘I AM’ to identify the things in the Universe around you in order to get what you want? What would you be if you could not use the Words, ‘I AM,’ the Identity of your ‘Presence,’ to render a service to your fellowman? What would you be if you forgot to give your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ recognition as your Creator? Take that out of the individual’s Universe and what have you left! You have the minerals, the plants and the animals—and ‘I AM’ quite sure you do not choose to be any of those. So remember the importance of that ‘Presence’! Value the Gift of Its Light! . . .”
The Voice of the “I AM,” 81:8:18-19