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Organ and Piano Contemplation Music

An instrumental recording of thirteen “I AM” Songs and “Lotus’ Contemplation”(an instrumental composition).

The recording was made in the Heart Center of Saint Germain Foundation Worldwide Headquarters, using a Steinway piano and
Baldwin organ which were the personal instruments of Beloved Frederick Landwehr. Beloved Frederick was the Staff Organist and musical arranger of all the “I AM” Songs by Beloved Godfré and Lotus Ray King. The music for organ and piano is in the manner the Student Body hears today at the Saint Germain Foundation Classes.

These musical arrangements are offered for contemplation in the “I AM” Group Meetings and “I AM” Musicals where musicians are not available and for personal use. 

  1. • Lotus My Love
  2. • Freedom's Triumph
  3. • Rainbow Rays
  4. • Godfré Our Loved One
  5. • The Silent Sentinel
  6. • Angels of Saint Germain
  7. • Nada Our Love
  8. • Archangel Michael
  9. • Great Sanat Kumara
  10. • Astrea Dear
  11. • The Silent Watcher
  12. • The Fragrance of the Lily
  13. • America! the Beautiful
  14. • Lotus' Contemplation