Introductory Class 1988 - Friday

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105 min
1988 - Sept.30 - Friday
Anne & Gerald Craig

The Ascended Masters’ Instruction on the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Law of Life

 Each DVD is a complete Class by the Appointed Messengers Anne and Gerald Craig, with an Opening Blessing, the Call for the “Crystal Cup,” the Blessing of the Sacred Fire (Candle Service), Beloved Godfré’s Invocation and Benediction, several Talks by Anne and Gerald Craig, Decrees, Songs, and Contemplation Music by Frederick Landwehr.

Talk 1 — Gerald Craig

The Heart Desires are all unselfish Desires from the “Presence.” The essential elements of this Instruction are your Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and determined Application.

Songs: “The Voice of the Presence”; “Angels of Saint Germain”

Talk 2 — Anne Craig

The Chart shows your Divine Identity and your Divine Individuality.  The “I AM” Music of the Spheres has come from the Realms of Light. The Power of Vision and the Power of Sight are compared and clarified.

Decrees: the Diamond-Shining Christ

Talk 3 — Gerald Craig

Decreeing for the Nation transcends your own selfishness. Ascended Master Consciousness transcends the human tendency to focus on and hold onto your problems.