America Decrees (and other Nations)

I AM Decrees
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Audio - CD
39 min 33s
1 CD in clamshell
Mrs GW Ballard with "I AM" Students

  1. Blaze through our Government
  2. Sweep throughout our Land
  3. Armor
  4. Armor our God Land
  5. Force the Purification
  6. Armor everybody and everything

Total time: 39 min. 33 sec.

These Decrees, recorded in the Large Classes with our Beloved Mrs. Ballard, are also available as a booklet transcript. 

 Every time they [the recordings] are used, they release the same Great Concentration of Power to all Groups, large, small or to the individual, as when they were given in the Large Classes! They amplify and multiply the Power in each Group every time they are played. 

Mrs. Ballard gives a short talk and then goes right into the Decrees on expanding and protecting our money, wealth, and supply of every good thing. They also include keeping all under this Radiation and America free from debt.