Volume 20 - The "I AM" Discourses

Saint Germain Series
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Book - hard cover
Saint Germain Series
5.5 x 7.75 inch
363 pages
by Gods of the Mountains
ISBN: 978-1-878891-79-2

The “I AM” Discourses by the Gods of the Mountains—the Beloved God Meru, the Beloved God Himalaya, the Beloved God of the Swiss Alps, and the Beloved God Tabor—offers insights into the Infinite Blessings of the Mountain Ranges of the world—and instructs the reader how by Love and Gratitude to the Gods of the Mountains, mankind could be blessed infinitely more. The Beloved God Tabor tells us: 

“In the Mountain Ranges of the world there is guarded the Mighty Force that continually radiates Purity into the atmosphere of Earth and into the Powers of Nature. . . .Take time enough—because you all love the Mountain Ranges—but take time enough to send the Flame of Love to your ‘Presence,’ and ask the Gods of the Mountains to flood to you their boundless Blessings and strengthen you from within, that you may dispense those Blessings to your fellowman.” Record CD 584 

Therefore it is our privilege to love the Gods of the Mountains and give Them the opening by which They can pour more of Their Blessings to this Earth. This hardbound Volume of 381 pages is printed in violet ink and bound with a green cover and gold leaf stamping.