Volume 04 - Ascended Master Instruction - audiobook

Saint Germain Series
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Saint Germain Series
8 hours 36 min
8 CDs in diskeeper 12 case
read by Gerald Craig
ISBN: 978-1-878891-21-1

This series of twenty-eight Discourses by date precede the Discourses in Volume 3. They are presented in the straightforward simplicity with which they were dictated from the Manuscripts of Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard.

Beloved Saint Germain’s Words, page 202, from Ascended Master Instruction, Volume 4:

“Every experience that comes to the individual serves a double purpose: first, to turn the attention to the only Creative Source, God; second, to make the individual aware that resting in that Supreme Consciousness is the solution, instantly at hand, of whatever needs to be known. We do not receive it by throwing up our hands and screaming for help, but by taking the opposite stand and becoming so still and quiet in the outer that there is not a ripple of disturbance upon our consciousness. Then we will quickly find a solution to whatsoever is required.”