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This Songbook contains 256 pages, it includes all the Songs—words and music—used in our Classes and Group Meetings and 43 color illustrations. The publication of this book was made possible by Love Gifts in honor of our Beloved Frederick Landwehr, whom the Ascended Masters called the Son of Music. There is a short biography of Beloved Frederick, organist for the Foundation Classes beginning in 1939, a Staff Member for our Beloved Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, and President of the Saint Germain Foundation following Beloved Lotus from 1971-1988. Also included are brief articles on the Inner Purpose of the “I AM” Music of the Spheres and a page of musical terms. Bound in a firm, bright blue cover. 


 “Those of you who were here last night were surely aware of the Power in the ‘I AM’ Music which our Beloved Frederick played…. You were at ease…andan Attunement took place…within your Life Streams which does not come except through this ‘I AM’ Music.”              Mighty Victory