I AM Decree Transcripts 5

I AM Decrees
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5.5 x 7.75 inch
52 pages
of CD 2562, 2563

A Booklet of the Transcripts of Decrees used in the Large Classes with our Beloved Lotus is now available. Every time these Decrees (on CD 2562 and 2563) are used, they release the same Great Concentration of Power to all Groups, large, small—or to the individual, as when they were given in the Large Classes! They amplify and multiply the Power in each Group every time they are played. Therefore, they should be used as often as possible to increase the Power of Protection, Purity, and Victory for everyone in every Group, as well as the Nation and the world. They are very necessary for the Purification of Our Nation now. 

The first section of the Booklet (CD 2562) encompasses Decrees for silencing and annihilation of war, selfishness, desecration, destruction, filth and waste; the prevention of  all  destructive forest fires, floods, drought, and storms; destructive etheric records, human authority and control, the psychic, and destructive use of the Free Will. The second section (CD 2563) contains Decrees to the various Elohim.