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Mighty I AM Presence
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This DVD of the Chart of the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” enables the Student to contemplate the Chart in an animated form. The Upper Figure enfolded by the Circle of Colors pours out great Rays of Light showering Its Gifts of Perfection not only to the Universe
around It—but also pouring the Stream of Light from the “Presence” into the lower figure through the top of the head and anchoring within the physical Heart, making the upper part of the lower figure Self-luminous. The Violet Flame blazes, purifying and perfecting the lower figure, while the individual is sending Love through the Ray of Light to the “Electronic Presence” above. 

My Dear Children of Earth, how can you fail to comprehend your own Reality when you see the Activity through this Animated Chart? How can you fail to grasp It, and immediately set It into Action to produce Perfection for you? Those Light Rays, which belong to you, are a part of you. And this Light which is about your Heart, which you have the right and privilege to call into Action to perform any service—when you know there is no opposition to this Light, no resistance, why don’t you use It with earnest determination and see how quickly all discord will vanish from your world!

Lord Maha Chohan, The Voice of the “I AM,” January 1943